Don’t be afraid for applying for the job, even if you feel it’s too big for you. But you have to do it. It is also good to have for LinkedIn profile, recruiters might write to you. It is really powerful tool.

Vjatšeslav Jertsalov, software engineer, Swedbank, Estonia, Tallinn


Program every day.

Ivar Mägi, manager in Brackmann arbitrage. Estonia, Tallinn


Work hard, and keep improving yourself. IT field is changing constantly, so you you need to keep up. 

Erich Zelinski, Sound engineer in Gogeva Culture Center, Tallinn Estonia


Mostly not the years of experience help, rather how fast you learn.

Gabor Gyarmati, System Administrator in Kuhne Nagel IT, Estonia, Tallinn


Practice all the time, find the people in this fields and ask them how would they do it, do research in the internet. Take a lot of time for practice.

Raimonds Bortascenoks, IT Support in Sapiens, Latvia, Riga


Look at the current trend and start learning the current and most trending technology. Go with the trend.

Mārtiņš Gegernieks, front-end developer in Evolution gaming, Latvia, Riga


Try out reaching to your friends, already with some IT experience, to understand some IT business language which will come in handy when going to interviews and in the actual position where you work.
Pēteris Spura, Software tester in ZZ Dats SIA, Latvia, Riga


Keep an eye on internships. Don’t be affraid to ask companies, even if they dont; have open positions. It happened in my case and I got a job. Be active on linkedIn and use other job hunting websites. Read about programming, cause it is constantly evolving.
Alo Nelis, Software developer in Bitbank, Tallin, Estonia


You shouldn’t focus to look for the job in Java positions. Don’t be affraid to apply for positions in other languages. It’s quite easy to jump from one language to another if you know already the basics of programming in other language.
Aldis Avotiņš, Junior ruby on reils developer in Tieto, Riga, Latvia


It’s necessary to invest time on your free time to program. You have to do some work on your own. Those successful graduates always work a lot at home.Guntis Leimants, Junior Java Developer in Prove IT, Riga, Latvia


Don’t be afraid, be brave and you will learn on the way. Your motivation is very important.
Sindija Roga, Junior java developer in Arvato systems Latvia, Riga, Latvia


A bootcamp is a great opportunity to start a IT career. Ask trainers, if they know something about it. Sometimes in their companies they organize something like this. It’s a good option, but not the only one of course.
Mihails Frolenkovs, Test automation intern in Accenture, Riga, Latvia