You will receive a support during and after finishing the course

HR Class

HR Classes are practical exercises where we familiarize you with the recruitment process and help you prepare to it. You will learn:
what are possible career paths after the course,
how to prepare a eye-catching, interesting resume for IT job positions,
  how to analyze job offers and use keywords,
why improving your LinkedIn profile and developing your network helps you in being more visible and wanted by recruiters,
how to prepare for a soft and technical parts of  interview,
what to do if no one replies to your application.

IT Related Materials

We will hand you our Jet Pack Book  with essential information on IT industry, recruitment process and more. We also share knowledge about IT news on our blog.

IT Interview

We understand how important it is to be fully prepared for your first IT interview. Both to technical and soft skills questions. At our Academy we provide an individual session with a trainer to recreate the environment of an interview, make it less stressful and unpredictable. After meeting each student will receive feedback from trainer what to improve before next interview.

Support from Graduate Success Manager

Graduate Success Manager is an advisor who is there to support you all the way through the process. Within the Program you will receive from us a career advisory, during which:
you will receive modern CV template and tips how to create professional resume,
we will analyze your LinkedIn profile and point places for improvement,
share with you practical tips on how to search for first IT job,
you will receive a list of IT companies from your city, where you can check open positions and internships  resolve all doubts connected with IT labour market.

Recommendations for improvement

After the course you will receive recommendations from trainers with description of your good qualities, which you can enhance your CV. Trainers will also point elements that you should improve to prepare better for IT job.

Develop your knowledge

We are supporting you also with latest IT news. Be up-to-date with new trends, develop your knowledge about IT industry, read about preparing yourself for recruitment process. Read our blog.

You can also see what are recommendations of experienced IT employees. Check them.


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